Time of Diamonds

We are glad to welcome you in the world of brightness and traditions, in the world, created by the power of imagination! Time of Diamonds – is the patented Ukrainian jewelry brand. We create special jewels, designed for lady: excellent product for the sole and unique. For us, the creation of jewelry - rings and earrings, or pendants and cuff links - it is a miracle, captured in the material.

Our style

From luxury of royal traditions to contemporary fashion, stylish jewelry for every taste and age. Exclusive models, including the strict and elegant classics lines and lightness of tracery placer of diamonds, which present to events, wanting to memorializing the uniqueness of the moment. Also, jewelry for everyday life, which are the most desirable, emphasizing the style and mood. Time of Diamonds - is a precious choice.

The brand philosophy

The trade mark TofD - is the story of a dynasty of jewelers, which has passed the test of time. Our philosophy is based on the understanding that women deserve the best of the best, because to wear jewellery - this is a  tradition which will never become obsolete. Every product reveals an idea born by inspiration, which further is taking shape and submitting of conception through the forms and elements,  which in of each flare is reflecting  the essence. The masterpieces with the soul - this is what we strive for.